Professional Experience- Charity Fashion Show

Over the easter break I came to know that a relative of mine who works for breast cancer care held a fashion show to raise money and had it filmed by some students at Sheffield Hallam, however it looks atrocious. The white balance is not correct, the edit is boring and long, the camera shots are unimaginative and the sound is blatently just recorded on the camera mic. As you could imagine it is very unprofessional looking work.

The job I was asked to do was to restore the video as much as I can and try to create something worthwhile with it. I set to work on the 2nd of may I watched both the cameras right the way through all 3 hours of terribleness. I noticed that if we cut between the cameras and do a huge amount of colour correcting we should be able to create a professional(ish) looking video. The sound is quite a problem also so as I am not 100% confident with sound editing I have decided to leave an open invite to my class to help me whenever they like for their professional experience also to get a good mixture of help on this project.

On the 3rd of May I tried recruiting a team and began editing. We spent the day creating a skeleton for the film where we have decided to use fast forward effects (cheesy as they are they seem to be the only thing to salvage this) to make it past the long section at the beginning that is just somebody walking around the company tables at the show giving away freebies. This i feel is a pretty important part of it because the companies will want to see their stalls in the film no matter how long or short it is and by speeding it up we can get past the bad quality of the camera and also use a piece of music to cover the atrocious sound issues.

This project is not finished and is still being continued.


Professional Experience- Music Video

Today I messaged the Coventry parkour federation to try and finalize a test shoot although (not really that surprising due to how difficult the contact has been) he has all of a sudden pulled the L word out, yes he has worked for a band from LONDON so is obviously far too important to be in my video unless we are paying them (because there are no other cities in England than london of course and if you are in a band from London you must be incredibly important, rich and famous even if nobody has heard of you). I put him through to Randy who doesn’t want a budget on this film, we will have to come up with a contingency plan if it isn’t ok for them to let us film them but I am sure we will be ok really.

Professional Experience so far

If you have already read my previous blog on the trip to Dresden you will see there is a lot of experience there but to add to it I am going to be directing a music video for a DJ based in Coventry called Randy. He contacted Adam D’souza, Minda Bhachu and myself asking if we wouldn’t mind making a music video for him. It is the holidays so I haven’t been able to keep in contact with the other two so much but I myself have spent the first day. Two days ago bouncing ideas back and forth with Randy. I came up with the idea of having a group of free runners dressed as tigers answering a phone call from a mystery man (Randy) telling them to meet him at the “drop off” Immediately. The runners will then set off running and doing various flips, tricks etc over the city terrain to meet the mystery man. They meet with him in a carpark where he hands them a suitcase, they open it and it is full of either meat (steaks etc) or catfood. The runners are happy with their pick up and they unleash a flare. I know this sounds pretty strange but how I visualize it in my head i think it will work very well on a visual level because the type of song is a drum and bass mixed with traditional Indian music sort of thing. I want to get some very nice visuals with some nice vibrant colours. I want to also film this with a DSLR to get a nice cinematographic feel.

Yesterday and today have consisted of finding free runners to be in the video. I have contacted a group called the Coventry parkour federation who have replied to me and are in the process of finding members from their group to join me and be in the video. I have also been watching youtube clips of free runners to get an idea of what kind of thing I would like them to do for instance you can see with this video what sort of thing the best parkour practitioners can do:

this means I will need to use a DSLR for sure because of its size and versatility whilst planning my shots meticulously with a test shoot before hand to make sure everything is safe and looks to be the finest quality.

I have spent today planning out the videos story and also I have been thinking of symbolism for the video to make it a little bit more intriguing I have also just contacted Randy and gone through what I hope to achieve with this music video. We have decided not to go for the briefcase full of meat but just to have a briefcase a bit pulp fiction style, we have also decided against the characters being dressed as tigers. I personally dont think this is a good call as it will make the video look very simular to most other dance music videos but it is Randy’s music and I want to try to involve him as much as possible which is why he has been very active in the video production. He seems very interested in what I do and I am more than happy to let him know the process and bring him through it with me.

Task 2 and 7

Process/Development: We arrived at university and had been given the task of creating a flash mob. The class was split into two groups and our group decided to make a flash mob where we would pretend that two of the people in our group were famous, we started by coming up with a dj name for them then we made a fake youtube, facebook and flyers for them. we would then follow them about with cameras and somebody would be interviewing them whilst “bodyguards” stand watch. The idea was to put a message out there about celebrity status and have people join in not knowing who these people are a bit like the emperors new clothes and we had plenty of cameras hidden as “passers by” and “camera operators”.

Research: We looked at some flashmobs that had already been done I for instance looked at the no pants subway ride in america but I was very interested in the urban foxhunting video as I liked the idea of doing something to fool everybody into thinking something is not as it seems.

Analysis: The flashmob went well when we did it in places where people had to come close to us for instance in an underpass etc. We had bad luck at the university also because of the time of day there wasn’t many people around in future I would probably go for lunchtime as there would be a lot more people about. The day you do a flashmob on can affect it also, on a monday people would be less inclined to stop and look at what you are doing than on a sunday when they will be not in a hurry to go anywhere.

Evaluation and Reflection: I think that the project went pretty well saying that it was very on the spot and we had to think fast although next time I think a bit more common sense needs to be used and probably we need to look at what time of day we do the flashmob.

task 6

Here is a short documentary I made against Conservatives. I have put it into the youtube community and me and my friend are currently spreading it around facebook which has accumulated us over 100 views. If only ten of those 100 watch this film then change their mind on politics I would be very happy. The purpose is to make people think about politics and hopefully let them see that the country is run by people who have no idea what life is like for the masses of people that are born into a system that will keep them under the thumb keeping them inside their houses watching tv being safe until they die rather than taking risks and trying to be whoever they really (and I dont mean a gap year to africa to make a “big difference” rather than just donating their plane ticket money to them) I mean who they REALLY want to be.